“Big City Cowgirl is true to her persona, hailing from New York and making old-soul cowgirl tunes that would impress even the most die-hard of old-school country fans...Her high-pitched, raspy and vibrato-heavy voice creates a sound reminiscent of classic women in country before her like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.” - Crank It Country, Conner Fersner 

“Big City Cowgirl’s voice and musical stylings are a throwback to when the music ran the business – The kind that elicits smiles and leaps of joy. She forges real feelings that leave you reeling, not the Hallmark greeting card trifles or the chauvinistic posturing that characterizes so much of today’s country music. No, friends, this is the real deal – well written, well played, and well sung.” - Soundlooks, Jeena Johnson 

“With a voice that has the strength, range, and beauty along the likes of Carrie Underwood, Grace Slick, and Stevie Nicks…Big City Cowgirl has a very dynamic vocal delivery and sustains many defining factors that make her stand out with a very captivating and charismatic aura.” - Artist Reach, Justyn Brodsky