Sondra Toscano is a New York songwriter, vocalist, and entertainer who records under the name “Big City Cowgirl.” Her unique, raspy voice adds flavor to her brand of Country Music which has its roots in all types of music. Toscano’s love of music dates back as far as she can remember. She has been songwriting since she was a pre-teen. Her parents’ musical tastes were comprehensive and she was exposed to all genres, but her mother’s penchant for country music was quickly passed along to her. Toscano notes that country music tells a story in a way like no other so she naturally gravitated to it. In fact, her country music ode, “Country Music In My Heart,” tells the story of how she fell in love with country music. To what she listened and what she wrote, however, were largely different for quite some time. Toscano joined bands playing all styles of music and wrote the gamut. She even created an East Coast/West Coast female dance music duo with her best friend, Mimi Rossi! But country music found its way back to the surface after she took some time to focus on starting a family and establishing a career in law. When she realized that she didn’t have to trade her personal life for a career in music, she started songwriting again. What she wrote has become her signature. She acknowledges that she doesn’t follow the mainstream – she writes from her heart and soul – whatever comes naturally – and hopes that it makes her mark. Her aim is straightforward – to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives through song. To that end, she says that her greatest desire is for her songs to become a part of the soundtrack of people’s lives.

Toscano has already released an EP entitled “City Zipcode, Country Heart” as well as several singles. Many of her tunes are loosely based upon the life experiences of her family, friends, and acquaintances. She admits, though, that just about anything can inspire her to write a song. Case in point – recently, her boss said something to her which prompted her to write her most current single, “We Got All Kinds Of Crazy Here.” Although the comment was made about something else, Toscano turned the phrase into a fun, sing-along bar song.

Toscano makes music despite her very busy schedule of working as a public service lawyer and taking care of her husband, toddler, and three adorable dogs. Sondra has the full encouragement of her family, especially her little girl, who likes to help her write songs. Her music can be downloaded and/or streamed through Amazon, iTunes, and just about any other social media music platforms.

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